As a fellow provider with a vision for expansion our founder, Daniela Torkelson, saw a need within the adult family home industry to bring together a team of qualified individuals who could assist providers by removing the weight and burden of finances, compliance, and various aspects of the business. Because of her vision, My AFH was created. Our team of professionals work directly with the AFH provider to ensure that your loved one receives a standard of excellence in care, comparable to that of a corporate-run institution.

Family owned and operated since 1995 as experienced senior care professionals in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, My AFH is a name that you can trust. Our value added-service allows us to remove the weight of the business from the provider at no additional expense to you. By doing so, the providers that we consult are able to solely devote their time and efforts into providing personalized care for your family member.

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Aging can be a difficult road to travel, but you don’t have to be alone. At In It Together we are more than just Caregivers, we are friends, partners and advocates for our clients.
There are so many difficult choices to make, situations to handle and medical treatments to keep up with. Our staff of Registered Nurses is dedicated to providing the quality support that you and your loved ones deserve. We will help to identify your individual needs and walk you through all the options.

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Proactive Solutions LLC provides both current and prospective adult family home providers with assistance navigating the licensing process as well as making sure your licensed home is on track and ready for inspection! Our staff are professional experts in adult family home licensing, compliance/regulations, and Policy writing.

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Patrick has over 20 years’ experience in Real Estate ranging from brokerage, commercial title & escrow sale, apartment management, land lording and apartment development. He is a licensed real estate broker and owner of an Assisted Living Facility, an Adult Family Home and other rental properties. He is currently the Mountlake Terrace Chapter Coordinator for Adult Family Home Council. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Commercial Real Estate Certificate & a Project Management Certificate from the University of Washington.

Financing can be the most difficult part of the AFH transaction. Patrick has an in-depth knowledge of the SBA loan program which is the preferred method to purchase an AFH. He works with a team of highly skilled lenders with the creative means to get the transaction done. He can also assist with setting up your Limited Liability Company, Business Licensing, IRS EIN, the CHOW process and important tax strategies once you are operating your AFH. Patrick offers complete service from beginning to end when purchasing and setting up your AFH.

His passion is helping sellers and buyers purchase and sell Adult Family Homes. He has successfully aided buyers and sellers in dozens of AFH sales transactions all across the State of Washington. Although these types of transactions can be difficult, with Patrick’s experience and expertise he makes the transaction as easy as possible. If you are looking to List and Sell your Adult Family Home, please feel free to give him a call.

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Families are asked to make monumental decisions about their loved one’s placement in residential care, usually without the luxury of time. At Golden Sherpa, we created a platform for families to find senior living options, information to help care for loved ones, and learn about supportive solutions in the senior living space.

Golden Sherpa is a platform marketplace, not a referral or discharge agency. At Golden Sherpa seniors-living providers, their partners, suppliers, customers, and anyone interested in making a positive contribution to the senior living experience can connect.

Experts in the fields of information technology and market research who struggled to find senior living information for their aging parents founded Golden Sherpa. After meeting, listening, and learning from communities, senior living service providers, and adult children, they developed the Golden Sherpa platform for the senior living community, and its customers to connect and interact directly.

Reduce your referral costs by marketing directly to adult children and professionals searching for available placement in residential care.

Contact us now to begin your journey with Golden Sherpa.

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Carewatchers is a placement and referral agency that has served Washington for over two decades. Our agency helps family members find an adult family home for their loved ones, and we help adult family homes fill their vacancies.

More and more family members looking for an adult family home want to bypass agencies and speak directly to the facility. Families want to hear about your services first and then set up a time to tour your home. The family member also knows where they want their loved one placed.

Carewatchers has designed a service for $9.95 month to month that connects potential residents directly to your adult family home. Our service will also allow adult family homes to fill their vacancies without paying a referral fee. We have made this service affordable for all adult family homes accepting private pay or Medicaid. Now you can advertise and market your adult family home with our agency year-round.

If you’re tired of waiting on agencies to bring you residents, we can help you be proactive in filling your vacancies without paying a referral fee for $9.95 per month. | 800-564-8185 ext. 525

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Do you think someone who…has been a successful Adult Family Home Owner and Medicaid Provider for 20 years, is a passionate supporter and advocate of the AFH community, has years of consulting and teaching experience for the AFH industry, and is endorsed by the Adult Family Home Council…Might be able to help you?
Amy Thomas is your ally and invaluable resource for all things “Adult Family Home”
Amy brings genuine passion for how our society cares for its frail and elderly, she has all the necessary skills. knowledge and understanding to help make this industry successful and rewarding. She is the perfect mix of humor and rancor.
Let’s Work Together to Make Your Adult Family Home the Best It Can Be!
(206) 851-9093

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For over 20 years, AFH Senior Care (AFHSC) has been providing senior care services through adult family homes. Over the years we have built certified processes and business tools to bring the highest quality of consistent care to senior communities and superior customer service to their families. This has allowed us to expand nation-wide offering several business opportunities through franchising. AFHSC provides industry best business tools that have raised the standard of care within the adult family home industry, while also saving our providers both time and money. Senior care residents and their families receive a superior care experience that is catered to their needs and exceeds that of corporate senior care environments.

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Eldercare Counseling & Guidance Services

We are happy to support AFH’s as much or as little as needed and are happy to meet via phone or Zoom. Our team of Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Social Workers often provide education, support and care planning for residents struggling with memory or mood such as challenging behaviors, anxiety or depression.

1. Counseling: We provide counseling via phone or Zoom anywhere in the state for your residents and are happy to come to your AFH in Thurston, Mason and Lewis Counties.

2. Care Management: We can be a smooth hand-off from discharge to your home to assist in coordination of care and preventing rehospitalization. Many AFH’s appreciate assistance in ordering meds/equipment, scheduling and attending appointments, creating care plans, communicating with families, etc

3. Consultations/Training: We offer this service to AFH’s to assist in educating staff and care planning challenging behaviors, mood, and behaviors related to dementia

4. Transition Support: We offer placement services to our clients seeking AFH settings. What sets us aside from a ‘placement and referral’ service is that we are experienced healthcare providers and we provide transitional support to our clients before, during and following their move. We believe that this transitional period is the most important time for everyone involved: the client, the family and the AFH.

5. Assessments: Our team is qualified to provide Adult Family Home assessments. We are also qualified to administer memory and mood assessments.

6. DSHS/Medicaid Challenging Behavior Consulting: for those on Medicaid and are at risk of losing their placement due to challenging behaviors, our team is available, with a referral from the case manager, to provide challenging behavior consultant services to support AFH’s in stabilizing their situation.

7. DSHS/Medicaid Transitional Behavioral Health: for those on Medicaid who are in transition or at risk of losing placement, we can provide counseling services with a referral from a case manager.

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When seconds count, our technology keeps your loved ones safe. OmniShield’s interconnected wireless network of sensors alert you of danger in your home faster than any other sensors on the market.
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Lydia is a website designer with an engineering, marketing, and advertising background. She founded Care Plans Now to make it easier for AFH Providers & health care professionals to find & connect with those that need their care, and to also assist with their administrative responsibilities. So that they could have more time to provide exceptional care. 

Our Team assists Adult Family Home providers with completing/updating resident negotiated care plans. From updating existing care plans, to creating new negotiated care plans for your residents, we can help!  Additionally, we can help you design a professional website, logo, business card & brochure that can showcase your AFH, highlight your amazing staff & show potential residents why they should choose you as their next home.

The Care Plans Now Team has 20+ years of combined experience & familiarity with all aspects of home health care. This allows us to better anticipate your needs & customize our consulting services to support your business through all stages of its growth.


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Elder Village Partners

Elder Village Partners Consulting will help the Adult Family Home Provider prepare for the State Required Inspections (Initial, Ongoing, & Annual). We will help with response to deficiencies by putting in place policies & procedures in the AFH and corrective action plans if needed.

The services Elder Village Partners Consulting provides include, establishing the “Administrative System” in the Adult Family Home, preparing the AFH license applications, conducting pre-inspections for building & AFH licensure, auditing staff credentials & resident medications, providing AFH provider & staff education regarding resident care, infection control, medication management, staff development, marketing, leadership, and management. We will conduct the Admissions Assessments, generate comprehensive Preliminary and Negotiated Care Plans, & provide Nursing Delegation if needed. We will assist with Risk Assessments and AFH Compliance and will assist with Senior Referrals & admission into the AFH. If you want to learn more information about what we do, we can Schedule an onsite AFH Inspection or set a free 1 hour Zoom meeting. Click onto our website and Meet our team of Consultants. | 1-888-410-0943

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