Covid-19 Updates Since End of Governor’s Proclamations (10/31/2022)

Some of the main points to the recent updates following the end of the Governor’s proclamations:

  • Covid-19 Vaccine is no longer required for AFH providers and workers. Each AFH owner can establish their own vaccination requirements for staff.
  • Visitation: There are no restrictions on visitation. Contact your local health jurisdiction if you have an outbreak in your home and follow their guidance for modifying or restricting visitation.
  • Covid-19 Screening: screening of visitors, staff and residents is not required, however, each home should establish a process to make everyone aware of recommended actions to prevent transmission to others if they meet any of the following criteria:
    • Positive Covid test
    • Symptoms of Covid
    • Close contact with someone with Covid
  • Signs: Ensure everyone is aware of recommended infection prevention practices in the AFH (masks, hand hygiene, etc.)
  • Masks: Universal source control (masking) is part of the DOH guidance and did not change due to the end of the Governor’s proclamations.
    • Staff should continue wearing medical grade masks
    • visitors need to wear mask/source control
    • residents should continue to wear masks/source control (if tolerated). Document in the resident’s NCP if they are not able to wear a mask and include type of education provided and reason the resident is not able to wear a face covering.
    • Secretary_of_Health_Order_20-03_Statewide_Face_Coverings.pdf (
  • Eye Protection
    • Staff need to wear eye protection for all resident encounters when community transmission rates are high
    • Staff need to wear eye protection and fit-tested N95s when assisting a resident with an aerosol-generating procedure (AGP’s) when community transmission rates are high. Click here to learn more about fit-testing and the required respiratory protection program. 
    • CDC COVID Data Tracker: County View