Critical Survey for AFH Employers

Caregivers Needing to Take State Exam for Certification

We need your help to get all uncertified caregivers through the testing and certification processes so ALL are able to continue their important roles without interruption. As the state looks to reinstitute the training and certification requirements and timelines, your responses to this survey will help identify where uncertified caregivers are located so we can advocate for testing opportunities in strategic locations where they are needed. As you know, due to a 5-month closure of the state exam for nursing assistants and home care aides during COVID-19, we have a significant testing backlog and are in a race with time to get all those working in LTC certified before temporary waivers end. The race with time is a priority for all uncertified caregivers working in LTC.
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John Ficker
John has served as the Executive Director since August of 2013.

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