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Dear Providers,

As you all know, I’m one of the newest members of the Adult Family Home Council. I was fortunate enough to be hired a week before the fall conference, where I got to meet some of the most compassionate, caring, down to earth , and diverse group of people. I have so much respect for the work each and every one of you do because I know it’s not easy. Adult Family Home Providers go through so many different challenges from the day they decide to start the Adult Family Home process to when they finally decide to close their home. I want to create a space to help address those issues through advocacy. Regardless of whether the challenges you faced were unique, or they’ve happened before we need to collectively organize and demand systematic change. We want to hear your voices and get you more involved in advocating for the changes and opportunities you deserve. 


The Adult Family Home Council Advocacy group on Facebook is a newly created platform that will give Adult Family Home Providers and allies the ability to engage in advocacy centered around Adult Family Homes. The group will focus on educating members on the legislative process and understanding where to direct our advocacy, conducting workgroups to discuss issues and possible solutions, organizing listening sessions, providing up to date legislation affecting Adult Family Homes, organizing providers to vote on a piece of legislation or provide testimony, and shaping the Adult Family Home Council’s legislative Agenda.

We are excited to have you all stay more engaged and get you more involved in advocating for your needs. Please click on the button above and join our private Facebook group. We will continue to email and update our website on current legislative matters. However, the Adult Family Home Council Advocacy Facebook group will be the platform we will use to communicate amongst each other and do everything else I listed above. Nevertheless, this is an advocacy group, which means if you have an immediate problem concerning an issue at your home that you need help resolving sooner rather than later, please call our office and we would be happy to provide you with assistance.

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