New Business Operations & Analysis Unit with RCS

As part of efforts to streamline and modernize business processes, Residential Care Services (RCS) has created a new unit called the Business Operations and Analysis (BOA) Unit. This unit will lead projects designed to improve statewide RCS operations and will oversee financial processes. RCS expects this will lead to improved public service and quicker processing of licenses and capacity change requests.

Effective immediately, this unit will be responsible for processing the following requests for all settings:

  • Information changes, such as a change to the facility contact phone number or email
  • Capacity changes
  • License renewals
  • Change of Management (CHOM)

Facilities are expected to communicate certain changes with RCS as soon as possible in order for the department to maintain current records. For changes such as a new administrator, entity representative, resident manager, facility name, mailing address, phone number(s), fax number(s), email address, and legal entity, use the forms below:

Adult Family Home Information Changes Form (DSHS 10-585)

Click here to read the entire Dear Provider Letter

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