Affiliate Business Partner Membership

Annual Affiliate Business Partner Membership


Affiliate Business Partners Receive:

We offer this Affiliate Business Partnership opportunity at a reasonable price of $660 per year, from July 1 through June 30 every year.

  • Access to our chapters and their meetings around the state
  • Logo/link placement on the our website;
  • Business profile featured in the Washington Voice (our online newsletter)
  • 15% discount rates for advertising in The Voice and conference programs;
  • 15% discount rates for advertising on our monthly newsletter flyer
  • Discounts on trade show booth fees in the exhibit halls of the our annual conference;
  • Use of our logo, in advertising or correspondence to identify your partnership with us;
  • Exclusive opportunities to support our events through sponsorship to include advertising via lanyards, water bottles, conference bags, hotel keys, auction items, refreshment breaks, and much more!

We value your partnership and alliances with leaders in the adult family home profession. We welcome you and your company to continue your membership and develop business relationships with Adult Family Home Providers throughout Washington State.