Traveling Adult Family Home Activities and Services

Super Mario’s Kitchen is here to provide accessible and affordable healthy nutritious meals. Primarily for the low-income communities, senior citizens, or anyone interested in making their health a priority. Our goal is to help as many individuals as possible, stop eating processed foods. It starts with having more affordable healthy meal options available. This is where Super Mario’s Kitchen can and will help improve the positive effects anyone would receive from putting higher quality nutritional foods into their bodies. Let us shop, prep, cook and deliver prepared meals to your homes.

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MAPPs are different from Music Therapists. MAPPs know as you and I know, music and the arts work to create connections and deepen experiences. That’s why we call this service Elder Arts Engagement – where music and the arts are a pathway between the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions.

We accomplish a lot with our visits:

– buoy resident’s physical, social and emotional health

– improve and support attention, concentration, and memory

– promote physical exercise through movement

– decrease stress and anxiety

– promote relaxation

– reduce depression

– inspire and support introspection

In the auditorium, the activities room or at the bedside, a Singrly MAPP is uniquely prepared to bring the power of music where it’s needed most to uplift and soothe.

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Acquaint is a community where we grow together and learn through authentic human connections. We are powered by volunteers who take the time and effort to give back by sharing stories and getting to know one another.

We have one-on-one conversations with people different from ourselves. Acquaint’s members form meaningful connections across all walks of life, thus bringing the world closer together. A series of virtual experiences on our platform serve as icebreakers, displaying images and fun facts that make conversation easier. Members volunteer on their own time from any location with an internet connection, making it a convenient way to give back.

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