The nomination period for the AFH Council 2023 Exceptional Caregiver award is now officially open, and we encourage all AFH providers, residents, their families, and/or colleagues to participate and nominate an exceptional caregiver. This award is designed to honor and celebrate the remarkable dedication, compassion, and selflessness of caregivers working tirelessly in adult family homes. These unsung heroes go above and beyond to provide exceptional care and unwavering support to those in need, making a profound difference in the lives of the vulnerable adults they care for in adult family homes.

Nominate A Caregiver Today!

Click the “Nominate A  Caregiver” button below and fill out the form to nominate an exceptional caregiver. Please be sure to include the caregiver’s name, the name of the adult family home they work in, their phone number, email and a heartwarming story that exemplifies their exceptional care and dedication. All nominated caregivers will be recognized at a hybrid award ceremony a week before the AFH Council 2023 Fall Conference and the winning caregiver will be awarded at Fall Conference. It will be a morning filled with heartfelt stories, and a collective sense of gratitude towards these unsung heroes.

The deadline for nominations is September 1, 2023, so make sure you submit your nominations before then.

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  1. Young family home is the best they are kind caring respectful and take care of their patients like they are family

  2. I would like to nominate Gary Combs for the care giver award. Gary is in his mid 80s and has volunteered for our AFH since we opened our door 2 years ago.
    Gary is a cheerful person who brings a lot of good energy into our AFH. He visits every Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10am until 12 noon and plays a full round of poker or black Jack with our 6 residents who all have dementia. He actually plays their hands for them as most of our residents don’t have the cognition to manage the math skills. So there is often very little meaningful feedback. He is able to hold their attention and offer uplifting every day chat and companionship for them that engages them and makes them feel part of a group. Gary and the group are all served coffee and snacks and get the old 70s music going. He is a ray of sunshine, although he is elderly and has poor mobility himself he never complains and is always interested in the well being of the residents. He has never accepted any payment for his time with us and has been as regular as clockwork. We thank him very very much for his time energy and caring nature and the goodness of his heart. AFH owner Jennifer Martin RN

  3. Hello, We are the Sean Humphrey House and it was so hard to pick one caregiver. They all do such an amazing job. We are going to nominate Angel Weyhrauch. Angel works the night shift for us. She is instrumental in keeping the residences happy, and healthy. She regularly makes them cookies at night and love to bake with one of our residences. Angel also make cookies and etc. for us to give the firefighters. I recently picked blackberries; then Angel took them home and brought them back in the form of blackberry jam for our residences. This is just some of the wonderful ways above her job duty that Angel consistence does here at the Sean Humphrey House. We are so blessed to have her.
    Thank you,

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