Changes to DOH Respiratory Protection Program Support

The WA DOH support for respirator (N95) use will be changing starting on November 30th. There are 3 types of support currently provided by the WA DOH HAI/AR Occupational Health team: 1) 3M online medical evaluation, 2) Fit testing and fit tester training, and 3) Consultation support for the rules and regulations of respiratory protection.

3M Online Medical Evaluation changes:

After December 29th, 2023, DOH will no longer cover the cost of 3M medical evaluations. The 3M system will be unavailable from December 30th through January 2nd, 2024, when facility accounts will be removed from DOH’s account. Facilities will be able to access their account on January 2, 2024. Starting January 2, 2024, facilities wanting to stay with 3M, will need to prepay for their medical evaluations. You will continue to use the same login to access your account. Each medical evaluation will cost $29 and there is no expiration date for unused medical evaluations.

To prepare for this change, DOH will stop accepting requests to set up new accounts for facilities in 3M after November 30th, 2023. Facilities that have a 3M account as of December 1, 2023, will have until December 29, 2023, to get their accounts up to date and have their staff complete their medical evaluation.

Fit Testing and Fit Tester Training:

We are no longer providing services for facilities requesting annual fit testing. Our recommendation is for facilities to learn how to conduct their own fit testing. If you feel you will need in person support after attending our Fit Tester Training webinar, please complete this form: We are not accepting requests from facilities to provide fit testing during outbreaks. We anticipate that fit tester training services will end June 30th, 2024. We encourage you to engage with our training opportunities now, so your facility is prepared to provide your own fit testing in the future.

Consultation support from the DOH HAI/AR Occupational Health Team:

To assist facilities with the requirements for their respiratory protection program we have the following webinars:


We anticipate that most RPP consultation services will end June 30th, 2024. We encourage you to engage with our training opportunities now, so that your facility is prepared to manage your own RPP in the future.