Exceptional Caregiver Award Winners

We are thrilled to announce the 2023 Exceptional Caregiver Award Winners as Courtney and Cody Jahay from Ridgeview AFH, Billie Jane Arroyo from Silver Creek AFH and Diana González from Day Spring Memory Care AFH. These remarkable individuals have consistently gone above and beyond in providing compassionate care, demonstrating unwavering dedication to their residents and making a profound impact on their communities. Winners for the Exceptional Caregiver Award were announced last week during the AFH Council Annual Fall Conference. In addition to the caregiver awards, the AFH Council also awarded Gene Nassen with the Jack Reese Volunteer Award. 

Courtney and Cody Jahay

"My caregivers, Courtney and Cody Jahay are amazing people that have been literally surrounded by a family of caregivers. They've both touched my life and saw me as more than my disabilities that I was born with, because they knew that I didn't feel disabled at all. They've helped me heal emotionally and psychologically and really put the family in the title Adult family home. I've had a rough few years before coming to Ridgeview, but when I first met them, I was unsure of what to expect. I'd heard from others about group homes, heard horror stories, and thought that an Adult family home was the same as a group home, but when I first saw this place, and took a tour, it was calm, friendly, and had a view that knocked my socks off! They even have dogs. I immediately fell in love with the place. I've been rockin' at Ridgeview for over a year now, and I couldn't be happier with the place I'm in, and I can't think of leaving anytime soon. I love it here, because at Ridgeview, I feel free."

Billie Jane Arroyo

"Billie goes the extra mile to provide the most loving care to the residents. My wife Lynn had aphasia and frontotemporal dementia and posed a real challenge for everyone to reach. But Billie provides such a "family" and positive atmosphere that it is infectious. She always made sure Lynn felt included in everything and was comfortable with her surroundings. Billie sang with the music videos and even got Lynn to clap her hands. Billie also was extremely considerate and welcoming to family and friends who visited Lynn and included them in any festivities that were going on. I just cannot imagine a more deserving caretaker than Billie."

Diana González

"When Diana first interviewed at Dayspring her husband had to translate for her. She is diligent in her mastery of English and now confidently leads staff meetings, write detailed chart notes and documents meticulous medication audits. It’s no wonder that when RCS came out for annual inspection, one of the residents said “Sssh I love all the caregivers but she’s my favorite.” Diana is exceptional in everything she does. She oversees Dayspring’s activity program and her nails designs are legendary. A nurse from Colombia, she is our training lead for new caregivers. This is no small undertaking as Dayspring has over 15 caregivers. All HCA students who prep for HCA testing have a 100% pass rate!! She has set the benchmark standard for medication auditing our voluminous 400+ medications. Diana is inspiration and respected by all of our caregivers."