Letter From AFH Council Executive Director Regarding DSHS Medicaid Referrals

November 9, 2023

To the Adult Family Homes of Washington,

Recently, DSHS held a formal “Request for Proposal” (RFP) for technology vendors to assist in the referral of Medicaid funded residents through the Home and Community Services programs. Currently, that vendor is AIDA. However, the recent RFP designated GoldenSherpa as the successful bidder. This change is intended to happen in early 2024. The Adult Family Home Council was made aware of this decision recently and has sought out additional information from DSHS about how they intend to use this service.


In the last couple of days our office has received several calls and emails from members regarding outreach from GoldenSherpa. The complaint from members is that there are fees to be on the GoldenSherpa platform. They are under the impression that it is required to pay these fees to receive access to Medicaid referrals. The AFHC has reached out to DSHS, as it is illegal for anyone to receive or require fees in exchange for a Medicaid placement (RCW 74.09.240). Further, adult family home providers have rights under RCW 41.56.029 to negotiate the impact of any fees or taxes levied by the state and/or their agent.

In response, DSHS has asked GoldenSherpa to halt outreach efforts related to their role with the Medicaid contract. An adult family home cannot be compelled to subscribe, register, or pay to receive access to Medicaid referrals from DSHS. Our next steps will be to meet with DSHS and understand how they intend to use this technology when the transition happens next year. We will insist that the final product be fair and transparent. We will provide you updates as they become available.

If anyone has questions, concerns, or has already spent funds believing they were required to do so to access Medicaid referrals, please contact our office.


John Ficker
Executive Director


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