New HCA Applicant Online Exam Scheduling & Payment Process

Effective February 29, 2024

From the Washington State Department of Health:

Beginning February 29, 2024, Prometric, the Department of Health (department) exam vendor for the home care aide profession, launches their new Online Candidate Portal allowing HCA applicants to self-schedule and self-pay for the home care aide examinations.

Once your Home care aide application is processed by the department, you will receive an email from Prometric with directions on setting up your profile on the candidate portal and for resetting the password. You will be able to schedule and pay for exams at that time. If you have already paid the department for exams prior to February 14, you will not need to pay again. If you already have scheduled dates and locations for your exams, you will not receive an email from Prometric.

The department no longer accepts exam fee payments. Candidates now pay exam fees directly to Prometric through the Candidate Portal when scheduling exams. Payments must be with a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit or debit card, or by employer/trainer provided voucher. Prepaid credit cards are also accepted.



Contact Prometric for information on scheduling and payment of exams, at or (800) 324-4689.

Please submit your response by March 11.

2 Responses

  1. Hopefully this will eliminate the lengthy delays processing applications/payments and receiving emails from Prometric to schedule test dates. We have a number of staff members who are still waiting to hear about test dates. How can we check on the status of those still waiting to hear about a test date? It’s putting staff and facilities out of compliance.

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