Participation/Resident Non-Payment Survey

Dear Providers,

A growing number of Medicaid residents are not paying their client participation fee, as mandated by the state Medicaid Program. This issue has prompted a significant volume of calls and emails to the AFH Council from providers who have exhausted all available options to collect the participation fee from their residents but have had no success. The ramifications of this resident non-payment issue are profound. Not only does it affect the quality of care providers can deliver, but AFH providers are unable to discharge residents for non-payment, therefore creating a financial hardship for the operation of the AFH. In response, the AFH Council is pursing legislation to help address this issue. The survey will help us understand how many Medicaid residents are not paying their participation fee, the challenges you have encountered in trying to collect these fees and the impact it’s had on the AFH.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey to the best of your ability and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re experiencing any problems. As a reminder, all answers are confidential. Your answers will not appear in any reports or affect the operation of your Adult Family Home.


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4 Responses

  1. We have 1 Medicaid resident that his POA (ex-wife) short paid us for 3 months, then when I was given copies of the letters she had received with our AFH included in the address by her, I put together the required participation amount each month, what she had paid, and what she still owed. A couple days later, she wrote me a check for about $3000 for the short pay total. 43 days later, the check bounced. I tried to contact her but was told to never call again. at that point, I issued a 30-day notice, which was mailed to her, both by regular mail and by certified mail. I also presented it along with the unpaid participation amounts to the resident and took a copy to the Social Worker. I am prepared to go to small claims court for a judgement so I can file a lien against the POA.
    Note: his step-daughter then became involved and sent several e-mails stating that I was unprofessional.

    Just recently, after 2 years of asking why we were not receiving the letters addressed to us but only the resident and POA/Guardian’s were receiving them, I found a holpful person at ProviderOne that showed me how to find the letters. this was the first time anyone in the agency actually solved the letter problem.

  2. I was owed money by a client who’s payee was his mother. She never paid the first 3 months after he moved in. Then he refused to pay another month before he moved out.

  3. This has happened to me last year. Client didnt pay her participation for the month of Oct & Nov, 2022

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