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A Better Type of Homecare

Hello, my name is Kathryn Ladner. I am a Certified State Nurse Delegator. I have been in the Healthcare field for over 20 years and I have been a RN for the last 10+ years. I have Med/Surg, Critical Care, and same-day surgery experience. I have also been in the Home Health/Hospice/Nurse Delegation field for over 7 years.
I offer the following services:
• Nurse Delegation
• New Assessments
• Yearly Assessments
• Consulting
• Help with resolving issues with State inspections

I also offer the following classes:
• 9-hour Nurse Delegation
• 3-hour Diabetes
• Dementia
• Mental Health

Kathryn Ladner, RN, BSN, ND
P.O. Box 1401
Puyallup, WA 98371
For more information, visit www.abthomecare.com

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