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Eldercare Counseling & Guidance Services
We are happy to support AFH’s as much or as little as needed and are happy to meet via phone or Zoom. Our team of Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Social Workers often provide education, support and care planning for residents struggling with memory or mood such as challenging behaviors, anxiety or depression.
1. Counseling: We provide counseling via phone or Zoom anywhere in the state for your residents and are happy to come to your AFH in Thurston, Mason and Lewis Counties.
2. Care Management: We can be a smooth hand-off from discharge to your home to assist in coordination of care and preventing rehospitalization. Many AFH’s appreciate assistance in ordering meds/equipment, scheduling and attending appointments, creating care plans, communicating with families, etc
3. Consultations/Training: We offer this service to AFH’s to assist in educating staff and care planning challenging behaviors, mood, and behaviors related to dementia
4. Transition Support: We offer placement services to our clients seeking AFH settings. What sets us aside from a ‘placement and referral’ service is that we are experienced healthcare providers and we provide transitional support to our clients before, during and following their move. We believe that this transitional period is the most important time for everyone involved: the client, the family and the AFH.
5. Assessments: Our team is qualified to provide Adult Family Home assessments. We are also qualified to administer memory and mood assessments.
6. DSHS/Medicaid Challenging Behavior Consulting: for those on Medicaid and are at risk of losing their placement due to challenging behaviors, our team is available, with a referral from the case manager, to provide challenging behavior consultant services to support AFH’s in stabilizing their situation.
7. DSHS/Medicaid Transitional Behavioral Health: for those on Medicaid who are in transition or at risk of losing placement, we can provide counseling services with a referral from a case manager.
For more information, visit www.eldercarecounselor.com

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