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Evergreen Home Loans™ is a local lender dedicated to providing home financing solutions to our customers. We offer mortgage options designed to meet the needs of homeowners – including owners of Adult Family Homes. As caregivers and providers, Adult Family Homes and their owners, provide an essential service to our community. Because you offer a unique type of home, you may find it beneficial to work with a lender who can offer financing options to meet your specific needs. We take the time to work with you and understand your situation. From there, we’ll provide you with mortgage loan options that can be used to purchase or refinance an Adult Family Home. With these financing options, you may be able to:
  • Purchase an owner occupied Adult Family Home.
  • Refinancing your existing Adult Family Home to lower your monthly payment.
  • Tap into your equity with a Cash-Out Refinance that can be used for debt consolidation, to pay off or pay down an small business loan, pay off private financing, or make needed home improvements.
Contact Jon Hanes Sr Loan Officer today, Jon has 36 years of home lending experience. He is passionate about working with providers, and would be honored to set up a complimentary, one on one consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Jon Hanes

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For more information, email JHanes@evergreenhomeloans.com

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