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Families are asked to make monumental decisions about their loved one’s placement in residential care, usually without the luxury of time. At Golden Sherpa, we created a platform for families to find senior living options, information to help care for loved ones, and learn about supportive solutions in the senior living space.
Golden Sherpa is a platform marketplace, not a referral or discharge agency. At Golden Sherpa seniors-living providers, their partners, suppliers, customers, and anyone interested in making a positive contribution to the senior living experience can connect.
Experts in the fields of information technology and market research who struggled to find senior living information for their aging parents founded Golden Sherpa. After meeting, listening, and learning from communities, senior living service providers, and adult children, they developed the Golden Sherpa platform for the senior living community, and its customers to connect and interact directly.
Reduce your referral costs by marketing directly to adult children and professionals searching for available placement in residential care.
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