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Get your questions answered! Residential Care Services leadership (Licensors and Investigators), Home & Community Services leadership (Case Managers and Meaningful Day, ECS & SBS Programs) and a panel of attorneys who are very familiar with legal issues in adult family homes will be joining us at the Fall Conference. Please submit any questions you may have for any of these presenters. Thank you!

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  1. Question for the attorney panel. I recently had a resident hospitalized and when I called to ask the medical staff how he was doing they stated that the wife POA had instructed them that they were not allowed to give out any information to me The AFH owner RN. Is this legal especially if I am assessing his needs for return to our facility?

    Question for attorney, If a resident with dementia wishes to leave on an outing with his biological daughter and his wife DPOA has stated strictly she does not wish resident to leave only for medical evaluations. What does the AFH do?

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