AFH Web-based License Application

On August 28, 2023, Residential Care Services (RCS) will implement a new web-based Adult Family Home (AFH) license application that includes secure online payment. This modern platform will allow applicants to complete the AFH license application online, upload supporting documents with their application, and edit their application once submitted. The result is a streamlined process where applicants will no longer need to fill out paper documents, make copies or apply postage.

The web-based application will be used for all AFH license applications, including Initial, Change of Ownership and Relocation. Residential Care Services Business Analysis and Applications Unit (BAAU) will continue to accept paper applications through September 30, 2023. After
September 30, 2023, the BAAU will accept only online applications. Look for information and a link to web application on the ALTSA AFH webpage beginning August 21, 2023: Information for Adult Family Home Providers | DSHS.

New Form:
As part of the new process, applicants will sign a new attestation form (DSHS 27-223) confirming the AFH has the required policies and procedures in place. Applicants will continue to provide their Disclosure of Services form (DSHS 10-508) and will upload it with their application.

We are excited about this new streamlined process, which will reduce the number of documents AFH applicants must submit with their applications. This also brings improvement to RCS business, as there will be fewer documents to track, review and manage prior to issuing an AFH license.

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