Our patients reside in private homes, assisted living, adult family home and memory care facilities. Team Care means that we visit you in your home on a regular basis and work directly with your facility staff to ensure you receive the care you need. We are no more than a phone call away. Crown Health providers coordinate with your facility staff, specialists and family to ensure your health needs are addressed in a timely, attentive and appropriate manner. Crown Health nurse practitioners deliver comprehensive care that is individualized for you.

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Aging can be a difficult road to travel, but you don’t have to be alone. At In It Together we are more than just Caregivers, we are friends, partners and advocates for our clients.
There are so many difficult choices to make, situations to handle and medical treatments to keep up with. Our staff of Registered Nurses is dedicated to providing the quality support that you and your loved ones deserve. We will help to identify your individual needs and walk you through all the options.

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In business since 1993, Visiting Physicians Association (VPA) is the nation’s leader in house call medicine and geriatric home health care. VPA specializes in caring for patients with complex health issues, serving over 50,000 patients throughout Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

With VPA’s advanced medical technology, we are able to diagnose and treat you in your home where we know you feel most comfortable.

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Dispatch Health is a mobile urgent care service in Pierce and South King counties. We deliver advanced medical care to all residents in these communities. Our medical team is equipped with all the tools necessary to provide advanced medical care in the home. We treat a wide range of injuries and illnesses, from common to complex. A team consisting of a Med-Tech and a board certified care provider (Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant) will arrive at the patient’s home to make a thorough assessment, diagnose, and treat the acute episode. No sign-up required, for medical care a patient would simply contact 253-271-9720 and request care, he/she will speak to a DH representative in our call center. During the call the patient will be asked to provide demographic and insurance information as well as screened for the appropriateness of the call, we want to make sure that we can treat the acute episode that the patient needs. The patient is then provided the DH team’s estimated time of arrival.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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Dr. Douglass Harroun, M.D. is a board certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has worked as a Hospitalist in the ICU, Medical Director of a skilled nursing facility along with an extensive history in the medical office setting. Today he specializes in Geriatrics and since 2003 has visited the elderly in Adult Family Homes. He believes that the Adult Family Home is the best model of quality care for elders and has promoted the industry for many years.

FidaLab is a local CLIA-certified clinical diagnostic company in Seattle, WA, specializing in infectious disease testing by cutting edge PCR technology as opposed to the old bacterial culture method. Our flagship test is for urinary tract infection (UTI), which is prevalent in residents of Adult Family Homes. If diagnosed early and accurately, the treatment is highly effective. Unfortunately, UTI is often missed in AFHs because the disease may be masked by muted responses in seniors. Unrecognized UTIs may lead to dire consequences including fall, hospital admission, and death. Our PCR tests are highly accurate and fast, and you do not need to send your residents out to clinics or hospitals for urine sample collection. Same day courier pick up and next day results will be a game changer. Dedicated representatives will give you the personalized service your home deserves. Our other tests include: Covid, Flu, comprehensive upper respiratory tract infection
panel, wound infection, and STD. Our dedicated client services team is here to help you and those you serve!
Blake Crockett: (360) 584-4998

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We partner with adult family homes to provide primary and urgent care for residents, in person and by telemedicine. We believe in a team model that includes facility stuff, families, hospice, home health, and other providers focused on early intervention and ongoing oversight. We are truly available 24/7, you’ll reach a team member, not an answering service or call center. We see patients when they need to be seen, no need to wait for their next scheduled appointment.

Our Medical Directors offer: comprehensive care coordination for residents whether they have selected us as their PCP or not; support and consultation for staff; and added benefits to residents and their families. Partnering with us results in decreased time, cost, discomfort, and inconvenience.

Phone: 206-471-9666

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Visiting Angels has been providing compassionate senior care to families across the United States since 1998. Our network of home care franchised agencies is committed to providing families with the best possible in-home care services. Our commitment to you is simple: We’ll help your loved one continue to live at home, and we’ll help you find peace of mind.

At Visiting Angels, we understand you want top quality home care for your senior loved one. You’re searching for a qualified, professional elder care provider who will treat your family member with respect and dignity. We can help you find the senior home care provider that meets all your needs. Our senior home care providers are professionals with the training and skills you have been searching for. We’ll match you with a senior home care provider who will care for all your loved one’s health and well-being needs.

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Our Services: 

    • In-House eye exams
    • Comprehensive ocular exams with dilation to detect diabetic, hypertensive or other retinal changes
    • 24/7 Emergency Call Number available
    • Written prescription for eyeglasses
    • Ability to prevent and create ocular conditions such as dry eyes and the carious red eyes such as “pink” eye, bacterial conjunctivitis, and allergic conjunctivitis
    • Appropriate surgical referrals when needed
    • Prompt communication with facility of ocular exam

Dr. Kakade truly loves what she does for the residents at the nursing home. Every day, she is able to come to their homes and help them see better. She realizes each patient has a different goal in mind and she enjoys working with each patient to reach their individualized goals of seeing the world around them! Additionally, she loves interacting with residents and hearing stories of their lives.

Email: akvisioncare@gmail.com

Office: (425) 529-8145

Cell: (404) 277-6221

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Urinary tract infections (UTIs) account for over 8 million clinic and ER visits every year.

Under-diagnosis can lead to under-treatment, an impediment to responsible antibiotic stewardship. A test needs to identify when pathogens are present, which are present, and how much is present, all before identifying what treatment may work. CirrusDx combines molecular testing—UTIP—to identify and quantify each microbe, with culture-based testing—polyMIC—to look for in-vitro susceptibility, direct from the patient sample. UTIP and polyMIC pinpoint offending organisms, regardless how many are identified, and the antibiotics capable of clearing the entire infection. For treatment decisions that are validated by science.

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