2023 AFH Council Spring Conference Advocacy Results

Dear Providers,

This year’s spring conference served as a highly valuable platform, fostering meaningful discussions on a range of issues impacting providers. The advocacy segment of the conference began with a comprehensive review of the various ways the Council engages in advocating for providers, including through collective bargaining, state agencies, and the legislature. These reviews set the stage for the breakout sessions, where providers actively voiced their concerns and discussed the current challenges affecting their AFHs.

Subsequently, providers took part in ranking the issues discussed during the conference, providing a clear roadmap for the AFH Council to passionately advocate for and actively pursue resolutions on their behalf. The following are the combined results from all the spring conferences held throughout the state in 2023. We invite AFH providers and caregivers whose experiences align with any of these issues to share their stories with us. We are eager to hear from you and work together to address these concerns.


Collective Bargaining: Current Issues

Below are the results of the ranking provided by our members for the issues currently in our collective bargaining agreement. The data was gathered by asking members to prioritize these issues based on importance, from most significant to least. As indicated, AFH providers have identified the base daily rate as the most crucial concern, followed closely by bed hold and medical escort fees.


Collective Bargaining: New Issues

The issues listed below are currently NOT included in our collective bargaining agreement. Members were asked to rank them in order of preference, from most important to least important. The results are as follows: According to the graph, the top three most critical issues for AFH providers are two person assist, awake staff at night, and behavior add-on

State Agency Advocacy

The following issues were brought to the attention of the AFH Council by AFH providers. Providers were then given the opportunity to rank them in order of importance. It’s important to note that this list represents the most significant concerns raised during the conferences, rather than an exhaustive compilation of all the topics discussed across all spring conferences.

Legislative Advocacy

The graph below illustrates the issues providers would like the AFH Council to prioritize. It is important to emphasize that, like the state agency advocacy graph above, this representation is not an exhaustive list of all the issues discussed during the 2023 spring conferences. Instead, it highlights the key areas where providers seek particular attention and advocacy at the legislative level