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FidaLab is a local CLIA-certified clinical diagnostic company in Seattle, WA, specializing in infectious disease testing by cutting edge PCR technology as opposed to the old bacterial culture method. Our flagship test is for urinary tract infection (UTI), which is prevalent in residents of Adult Family Homes. If diagnosed early and accurately, the treatment is highly effective. Unfortunately, UTI is often missed in AFHs because the disease may be masked by muted responses in seniors. Unrecognized UTIs may lead to dire consequences including fall, hospital admission, and death. Our PCR tests are highly accurate and fast, and you do not need to send your residents out to clinics or hospitals for urine sample collection. Same day courier pick up and next day results will be a game changer. Dedicated representatives will give you the personalized service your home deserves. Our other tests include: Covid, Flu, comprehensive upper respiratory tract infection
panel, wound infection, and STD. Our dedicated client services team is here to help you and those you serve!
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