RCS Transition to Paperless Work-Use of Electronic Fax to Deliver Notices

This letter is to share information about the Residential Care Services (RCS) transition to paperless work as it applies to delivery of Statements of Deficiency (SOD) and/or Enforcement letters for community Long-Term Care (LTC) settings.

Starting November 15, 2022, RCS began trial use of an electronic fax (E-Fax) service to deliver SOD and/or Enforcement letters to some Adult Family Home (AFH) providers, Assisted Living Facilities (ALF), Enhanced Services Facilities (ESF) and Certified Community Residential Supports & Services (CCRSS) providers.

The trial will take place in Regions 1, 2 and 3 through December 31st, 2022. The E-fax trial will determine if SOD and/or Enforcement letters can be delivered to providers using E-Fax so that:
• Timely notice of SOD and/or Enforcement letters is delivered and received
• RCS paper processes can transition to electronic process

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